A Kaleidoscope of Expression

Rolling Papers and Pre Rolls for all. The story behind KASHMIR Rolling Papers goes deeper than just producing some of the best all-natural paper on the planet. It’s a story about Inspiration. Passion. Expression.

You see, we didn’t set out to make another brand of rolling papers.  We were inspired.

From the passion of the art world’s weaving of the culture into music, drawing, and poetry, to the spirit of the psychedelic era, and now the melding of the modern generation’s fresh outlook and ideas, Kashmir is a kaleidoscope of expression.

Voices of generations. Voices now encouraged to join together on the Kashmir FacebookYouTube, and Instagram network.

All are open invitations to express yourself. So climb aboard. The adventure begins….

NEW! Kashmir Pre-rolled Tubes Now in 3-Packs!

Kashmir Classic and Tall 3-packs combine the highest quality Organic Hemp and Unbleached paper as well as the patent-pending Easy-draw filter design that eliminates paper taste and soggy ends. Each resealable Kashmir 3-pack contains 3 pre-rolled tubes with wood packing sticks.
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Check out the full spectrum of styles and sizes that Kashmir Rolling Papers has to offer including 100% Organic Hemp, Unbleached, Rice, Medgrade, Chlorine Free and so much more coming your way soon.


For convenience, portability and price, our pre-rolled tubes are a no-brainer. Moreover, pre-rolled tubes are easy to fill, and offer a variety of natural papers that include Organic Hemp as well as Unbleached.


First off, Kashmir Unbleached Filter Tips are made from only chlorine-free paper. The tips roll up very smoothly and keep their shape. Tips are available in both pre-rolled tips, pre-cut and perforated styles.


Kashmir accessories are a “must have” for smooth and trouble-free rolling. The Kashmir line of products include artfully-crafted hand rollers for virtually every paper width, a stunning engraved metal rolling box, a Kashmir pre-rolled tube injector, a variety of trays and much more like grinders and several ashtrays.


Kashmir offers bundles to suit your every need. We pulled together some of our most popular products and combined bundles that are easy to use, hassle free and…we made sure that you have everything you need right away! Our products come in different sizes and designs so we're sure you'll find something you love!