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The Art Of Rolling Is A Joint Effort

How To Roll A Joint:

How To Roll A Joint…Conned, Cylindrical, Pinned, Thick or Thin – These are just several shapes and types of a joint. We all love to enjoy a smooth, perfectly shaped joints to chill with. So with that being said, let’s find out some unique styles of rolling a joint! 

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1. The Cross

First, let us say thanks to #SethRogan and #JamesFranco. The Cross Joint was first introduced in a marijuana filled comedy, Pineapple Express and fans loved it. Here’s a tip for all you fans: the bigger the joint, the equal amount of weed it must contain as the smaller one. #crossjoint

Check out this video by: MassRoots

2. A Scorpion

Second, are you ready to put your skills to the test? Where are all of the paper art and Origami experts?? But wait…Are you wondering what has origami got to do with smoking a doobie? Wait no more, here’s to presenting a ‘Scorpion’ joint. (Tip: The legs should not have a tip. They should be rolled straight.) #scorpionjoint

Check out this awesome video by: Bokita

3. The Tulip

Moving on, are tulips your favorite flowers?  Maybe your wife or girlfriend likes tulips? In any case, this is a joint design that would make for a perfect gift! Perhaps even a bouquet of joint tulips?! Image receiving a great gift like that!! #Thankfull 

But we’re not the only ones who like Tulips. Joint tulips are a specialty, or trend, in #Amsterdam, Europe and it can’t be ignored. It’s very easy to make and to be baked with. (Tip: The tip should be tight.) #tulipjoint

Check out this video by: International Highlife

4. The Pinner

Next we have one of the most famous joints of all time…the #Pinnerjoint. This one is for all of those who are always on the run and need a quick fix. A pinner is typically rolled when someone has limited access to weed, or because they only need a small amount to get high and don’t want to bother with a half-burnt joint. Here’s another tip for you: Make it tight !!! *No Pun Intended* 

Check out this video by: MERRY JANE ft. Seth Rogan!

5. Marijuana Leaf

Lastly, the final design we will be showcasing. Now this design is something that many have tried but haven’t succeeded in. Hail the  Marijuana leaf!! This joint is a true tribute to the holy #MaryJane. This joint is typically the most difficult to make (and we can all see why). You need to have a lot of patience and practice to make it. Also, even if you do make it, you have to make sure it’s smokeable! Otherwise, what’s the point?! (Tip: You need to make a long tight #joint to hold the leaf.)

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To finalize, let’s wrap up what we’ve seen. We have witnessed some awesome roll ups…maybe it got you thinking. Would you like to try rolling your own joints too? (If you have not already done so) 

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