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Serene and Discreet Places To Light Up

If You're In Chicago And Looking For A Perfect Smoke Spot, Kashmir Has Got You Covered!

Top serene places to visit in Chicago

We’ve got the top serene places to visit in Chicago. We all know that lighting up inside of the house or apartment isn’t always the best option. Plus, some residencies may not even allow cannabis period! So what do you do? Where do you go to smoke? Kashmir Rolling Papers have created a list including some of the best places for a low-key, serene and beautiful smoke sesh. Whether you’re by yourself or with a friend…we know you’ll love these hot spots!

Promontory Point:

This stunning little peninsula in Burnham Park is made of limestone blocks. It is accessible by the Lakefront Trail, and is one of the best places in the city. People often mutter something like “hot damn” as they admire jaw-dropping views of the lake and skyline. This is a very relaxing and breathtaking place to to light up a Joint and take in the views of Chicago city.

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Palmisano Park:

This next hot spot might be absolutely beautifu to visit with Fall coming right around the corner. Located in Bridgeport, this park (nicknamed “Mount Bridgeport” and formerly known as Stone Quarry) fits right in with a 27-acre site. It transformed itself from quarry to landfill to park.

Walk or bike the crushed stone running path or peep in the fishing pond. You can also overlook wetlands as you stroll the grass amidst preserved quarry walls. This park is 100% a Chicago’s hidden gem. If you’re into nature, hiking and just being outdoors…this is a must! There is plenty of room to spark up and enjoy some of that green while being surrounded by nature.

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Garden of The Phoenix • Osaka Garden:

Now this is a beauty! This gem is located in Jackson Park around the Hyde Park neighborhood.

The Japanese government built the Ho-o-den (Phoenix Temple) as its pavilion for the 1893 World’s Fair on the Wooded Island. While the pavilion is no longer there, you can still visit and stroll around this work of art. Explore the haven of blossoming cherry trees in the spring with a friend or loved one. Wander around and enjoy koi ponds, waterfalls, bridges, and authentic Japanese horticulture with complete serenity. 

This is a popular place for wedding & engagement photos and it’s clear to see why that is! Though this park has visitors daily, you can always find a quite and peaceful place to just sit down and have a quick smoke sesh. If you’re in a relationship, this spot can be a romantic date idea with a little bit of cannabis on the side (;

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Hubbard Street Murals • The B-Line Chicago:

If you appreciate art, this next hot spot is for you! The Hubbard street murals stretch for a mile long! With every step you take, you walk by some of chicago’s coolest murals and portraits. Surprisingly enough…these streets aren’t busy so people typically stroll and observe with no rush. 

Seventy-five artists from Chicago and around the world have created these astonishing murals and they are worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. This is also a good place to smoke up. Little to no people, great art, good vibes, and in a peaceful area. Many people come here for the photo ops as well (:

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Lake Michigan:

If you’re all about swimming, boating, chillaxing, hanging by the water and possibly smoking and toking in the process, we’ve got what you are looking for. Chicago’s Lake Michigan is the perfect place for that! Though the water may be chilly at times, it never stops anyone from taking a dip. Many Chicago locals and tourists are always out and about exploring Lake Michigan. Whether it be in their private boat, a kayak, or on a boat tour, it’s always a go to place. Granted, smoking pot on a group tour isn’t the best idea so stick to the other ideas! 

If you’re looking for a fun time and a party… grab some friends, rent a boat, and party on. Light up all the joints or blunts you want and don’t worry about watching over your shoulder every 5 minutes. If you’re looking to relax and just take it easy… rent a kayak, bring a friend…or not, and flow peacefully as you enjoy the city of chicago and it’s beautiful skyline.

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Northerly Island Park:

Northerly Island is a 119.70-acre peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan at the heart of the Museum Campus. It is located just south of the Adler Planetarium and east of Soldier Field. The majority of this space is dedicated to nature! The nature area at Northerly Island features beautiful strolling paths, casual play areas and a spectacular view of the Chicago skyline. It is also home to some of the best fishing in Chicago. If you want to enjoy nature, be surrounded by water, and have an incredible view while smoking…hit this place up for your next adventure.

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Downtown Chicago Apartment:

This is an awesome place to chillout, drink a cold one and smoke some weed. If you own or have a friend that has an apartment in downtown Chicago…hang on to them! The views are incredible during the day and twice as beautiful at night. If you have an apartment near the top or even a penthouse suite…you’re a lucky one. If you’re friend is cool with you smoking…go out on the balcony or roof top…light it up…and just indulge in the beauty that this city offers. Plus, you can’t get in trouble for smoking in your own house…right ? (;

Overlook of chicago city
Night view of chicago

Lincoln Park Zoo:

Let’s start by saying this: no, you cannot smoke cannabis in this public zoo. You can however, find a nice bench that might me tucked away or hidden outside of the zoo entrance for a quick joint or blunt sesh. Once you’ve smoked, head on in and take a stroll through the animal kingdom and the zoo’s aquatic life section. Had enough of the animals? 

The zoo merges with a beautiful nature walkway which has a cafe along the way, and plenty of places to sit and relax. Further down, there’s an incredible view of the Chicago skyline and a cool wooden pavilion that is known to be a popular photo hot spot. Want more? There’s a relaxing trail leading you throughout lincoln park. What could be better? And if you’re looking to smoke another doobie, just make sure you’re not in a populated area and you’ll be fine!

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View of downtown chicago water
Lincoln park view of resturaunt
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I hope some of these places will work out for you! They sure are BEAUTIFUL! On a side note, if you’re looking for rolling papers…you came to right spot!

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