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Pre-Rolled Tubes: Why Buy Them?

Why buy pre rolled tubes?

People ask, why buy pre rolled tubes? Every smoker has a different idea and preference on how they like to smoke. Some people like to grind their herbs up and pack it in a pipe or bong, while others enjoy rolling their own joint or blunt.

Many people like to roll for its simplicity… and others like it because it’s much easier than using a bong or water pipe. There is no process to go through. Simply roll it up and smoke!

Want To Hear More?

  • Our tubes are very user friendly.
  • They are portable.
  • Each tube comes with a “filler” to help fill your herb.
  • We have a unique filter that separates us from competitors.
  • We offer two sizes: Classic and Tall.
  • Currently we offer Organic Hemp and Unbleached Tubes: 6 Pack and 200ct Carton available only in Organic Hemp.
  • This is a great option for those individuals who cannot roll on their own.
  • Our tubes come empty. It’s up to you when it comes to choosing the herb you want and how much.
  • Best used with the Kashmir Mini Injector
Kashmir 100% Organic Hemp Pre-Rolled Tubes
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Kashmir Unbleached Pre-Rolled Tubes
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Kashmir Organic Hemp 200ct Pre-Rolled Tubes Carton
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Kashmir’s Pre-Rolled Tubes are truly one of a kind. They mark the evolution of rolling − from cones and paper tips − to a more consistent, comfortable and satisfying smoke.

Kashmir Classic and Tall Tubes combine the highest quality Kashmir Papers and a patent-pending filter design that eliminates paper taste and soggy ends. (And if you haven’t seen it for yourself, you’re missing out!)

Each handy, 6-tube pack is available in Organic Hemp and Unbleached paper varieties.

For those who really like the tubes…good news! We have 200ct cartons available for purchase in Organic Hemp ONLY.  Kashmir Tubes are best used with our Kashmir Mini Injector or the Kashmir Deluxe Injector.