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Come See What’s New!

Kashmir’s Newest rolling and smoking accessories, let’s talk about them. We’re sure you have already seen this throughout social media, however, we wanted to create another detailed post regarding our new products! With that being said, let’s introduce our two newest Kashmir smell-proof bags along with the unique Kashmir Combo Grinder : All-in-one mini -grinder, papers and tips!

Let’s start with the Kashmir Smell-Proof Bag

Newest rolling and smoking accessories: Let’s start! First off, the smell proof case contains air-tight materials and uses an activated carbon fabric lining which absorbs odor. Now that’s a bonus right there! This case also contains waterproof zipper seals os that the case can maintain a fresh and dry interior. The bag also includes a lock to keep all of your materials safe! #Protected

If bags aren’t your thing, you’re in luck! Let’s take a moment to showcase the Kashmir Smell-Proof Pouch 😊

The Kashmir smell-proof pouch contains air-tight materials and a waterproof zipper seal. You never know if you’ll be hiking or relaxing with some cannabis on a boat, so the waterproof option is great! The pouch is made from activated carbon fabric and its lining makes it super easy to absorb any odor. The last thing you want is for some unwanted attention due to the smell. The pouch also includes a lock to keep all of your materials safe…no stealing with this product!

Lastly, we’d like to highlight the very unique Kashmir Combo Grinder! We’re very excited about this one 😉

The Kashmir Combo Grinder features multiple compartments and includes a pack of Kashmir Organic Hemp King-Slim Rolling Papers, 32 filter tips, a useful cleaning tool, and even a large interior compartment to safely store and mix your ground herb. Talk about all in one! It’s the perfect accessory for your pocket, backpack or purse!

The Kashmir Combo Grinder is crafted of reinforced fiberglass nylon, which gives it strength and durability. It can withstand the impacts of daily wear and tear on a daily basis. Next, it’s perfect for grinding at home or on the go and it’s even dishwasher safe. Super easy cleaning if you ask us 🙂  Also, the mini grinder combo won’t leave plastic shavings in your finished product!

The mini-grinder has 14 sharp, heavy-duty, fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades, to ensure an even and effortless grind for an even burn. It also includes high-field force magnets to ensure that the lid of our roll-up kit remains closed. Lastly, it contains a tight seal to stop any spillage and provide maximum odor protection wherever you go.

This cutie measures a mere 4.5 inches long with a 1.25 inch diameter grinder. It true… the Kashmir Combo Grinder is so perfect for on the go rolling! 

Are you ready to upgrade and expand your smoking game? Well, we invite you to try additional Kashmir products by clicking here! And remember to stay in touch with us on both Facebook and Instagram!!