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First Time Smoker? We’ve Got Your Back!

A beginner's guide to smoking cannabis.

Cannabis around the United States, even the globe, is slowly becoming more and more popular…let alone legal either medically or recreationally. With the number of recreational states expanding, millions of people could find themselves with the option to legally get high for the first time…EVER. So, we thought we would step in and give you a few tips on how to smoke cannabis and make the most of those first puffs.

Know the flower you plan to smoke: Indica vs. Sativa

Indica makes you sleepy… it’s more of a body high that’s good for pain and anxiety. If you have difficulty sleeping, you’ll likely nod out a couple hours after smoking.

Sativa, on the other hand, is a more upbeat, artistic, and cerebral high. It sparks the imagination and energizes you directly after smoking! Most of the time it will keep you awake… so don’t smoke too close to bedtime unless you’re ready to party.

Hybrids are generally a nice mix between the two strains. It’s where you get the best of a body high and a nice “heady” experience.

Try them all out. In the end, it’s all cannabis, and it will all get you nice and stoned. This way you can figure out which flower you like best!

If it’s your first time buying storefront weed, you should probably start with a strain that’s lower in THC. One of the easiest mistakes beginners make is buying the strongest strain out there and getting “too high”


Know your equipment: Vapes, Bongs, Bowls and good old fashioned Rolling Papers.

Vapes are super easy to use…they are portable, requires pretty much no work, can be very discreet, it eliminates that skunky smell and has a strong flavor to it.

Bongs make it possible to consume large doses of cannabis in one go. Another reason people use bongs is because they allow you to cool and filter the smoke with the water that’s added to the device. While water can filter certain noxious elements from the smoke, it can also reduce the THC content being ingested. So remember, the large pro about smoking from a bong is that they get you really high really fast because you are inhaling a lot more during each hit. So for someone that needs a high dosage this will do the trick.

Bowls are small and super easy to use. All you need is a bowl, some cannabis and a lighter! People like bowls for a quick puff and for that smooth hit. Bowls are pretty much the same as bongs…just smaller and require less effort!

Rolling Papers are made from materials like hemp, rice straw, flax, or wood pulp. Papers can also come as bleached or unbleached and even chlorine free. So you see…there are various papers to choose from which allows you to enjoy the “art of rolling” your own ganja. Nothing quite beats the therapeutic process of rolling a fat joint or blunt. Whether for medicinal purposes or not, just the art of rolling will have you relaxed and ready for a happier headspace. It is as much a part of the process as the firing up of the joint itself. Also, Rolling Papers burn a lot slower and can even come flavored or in hemp form. So lot’s of options to choose from!


What should I expect during my first experience: According to Dan Michaels, author of Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana and founder of cannabis research group Sinsemedia

Especially during your first few attempts, taking it slow is the best strategy. “No bong hits or smoking an entire blunt,” Michaels says. He suggests starting with a shared joint or vape pen, and then taking just a puff or two without holding it in. “Only take more puffs if you don’t feel anything after fifteen to twenty minutes,” Michaels says. “Just like anything, the more you try it, the more you’ll start feeling comfortable with what your body needs.”

Your first time may vary so be prepared! You might feel sleepy, or euphoric, or anxious, or hungry, or all of the above. “Understand that no matter what you feel, a different strain of cannabis can have a completely different effect,” said Michaels. “So be patient and switch it up if you didn’t have the desired outcome.”

“Marijuana is a drug that rewards patience. If you keep trying and experimenting, taking baby steps every time, sooner or later your perceptions will feel altered. Music will sound better and more meaningful; foods will taste deliciously intense; TV and movies can be mesmerizing; and shared activities like conversation and sexual encounters can be mind blowingly good,” Michaels says.

Now that you got a little more information, go and try it for yourself! And…if you want to start with rolling papers, we’ve got you covered!

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Enjoy, and happy smoking friends!