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Not every wholesale partner is created equally. Kashmir420 was founded on the principle of plugging all the necessary retailer gaps that have existed in the industry for decades. Our focus on customer service through next day delivery, increased value pricing, innovative products, and simplified order placement make us the obvious choice for wholesale tobacco services.

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Buy Kashmir420 Rolling Papers

Buy Kashmir420 Rolling Papers in Wholesale

It’s simple: smoking enthusiasts want a natural, clean-tasting paper at a reasonable price. The U.S. made Kashmir Rolling Papers line delivers just that and more with the widest variety of paper styles and sizes, including Organic Hemp, Unbleached, Bamboo, Ultra Thin rolling papers.

Buy Kashmir420 Cones

Buy Premium Kashmir420 Cones In Wholesale

Kashmir pre-rolled cones are a popular choice among cannabis enthusiasts. Made from high-quality paper, these cones are designed to offer a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. They come in various sizes and are pre-rolled for convenience, making them perfect.

Buy Kashmir420 Pre-Rolled Tubes in Wholesale

Kashmir pre-rolled tubes are the perfect choice for those who value convenience, portability, and affordability. With their easy-to-fill design and selection of natural king-size rolling papers, including Organic Hemp and Unbleached, these tubes offer a hassle-free smoking experience.

Buy Kashmir420 Accessories in Wholesale

The Kashmir420 Rolling Accessories line includes virtually every essential for the stoner enthusiasts. From hand rollers for every paper width and skill level, (along with the exclusive Kashmir Mini Injector), and 5 styles of smell proof bags and cases, to our newest premium hardwood stash boxes.

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