Joints vs. Blunts – All That You Need To Know

joint vs blunt

With the availability of different kinds of techniques, smoking weed has become more enjoyable. Joints and blunts are the two most preferred methods of consuming cannabis. Both techniques possess different features making cannabis consumption popular among smokers. Thin rolling papers are used for making joints while thick but moist rolling papers are used to create blunts.

Let us go through the article and understand what joints and blunts are, the pros and cons, and their differences. Joints Vs. Blunts which one is better for you? Still do not know which one to pick or just want to discover the amazing world of smoking. Read on to grasp the information on both methods of smoking cannabis.

joint vs blunt

What are Joints?

A joint is a popular way of enjoying cannabis rolled in a paper. You can use different sizes of paper to roll a joint. Joints are smaller and somewhat look like cigarettes. A punch is enough to fill the weed. If you are new to smoking, joints are the best way to start. The process of rolling a joint is very simple. Joint is created with light and thin papers hence it burns off quickly.

What are Blunts?

A blunt is larger and thicker than a joint. Cannabis is rolled in thick paper to create a blunt. Generally, blunts are rolled with marijuana wraps and kept inside a cigar. Each puff will let you enjoy a unique aroma enfolded with the intense flavor of marijuana. Rolling a blunt is quite a difficult task and requires a substantial amount of cannabis to fill.

Joint Vs Blunt: Difference Between the Two

As we have read above, there are different ways to enjoy weed. Joints or blunts are the best substitute for consuming it. If you are a beginner, you should know the major distinction between joints and blunts.


When it comes to rolling a joint or blunt, the material of the paper matters a lot! We use rolling papers to roll your herb to create a joint while the blunt is made by wrapping cannabis in thick and wet paper.


The size of a blunt or a joint depends on the paper that we use for rolling a weed. Ultra-thin and soft papers are used for joints. Different sizes of papers are used for joints while thick and large size papers are used for rolling a blunt. Generally, only a third part of a gram is used to fill a standard size of blunt.

Technique of Rolling:

Joints are easy to roll while blunts require specific technique to roll cannabis. Paper used for rolling a blunt has a thick texture and it should be damp enough to avoid cracks. It means paper should be fresh and crack-free so that it should not crumble when you roll it. Since the texture of rolling paper is a bit hard you need more effort to roll a compact blunt. Check out how to roll a rose blunt like a pro.

Blunt vs. Joint Pros and Cons

Blunt  Joint


  • Thick papers used for making a blunt come with unique aromas and flavors.
  • Burn slowly than joints ensuring more pleasure and longer puffs
  • Offer smooth smoky clouds than joints.


  • Easy to roll and smoke
  • Cheap and require a small amount of herb to fill
  • Burns quickly and gives you more enjoyable hits


  • Expensive and require a substantial amount of herb to fill
  • Blunts are difficult to roll due to their thick and heavy texture.


  • Bitter and has a strong aroma. Harsh for lungs and throat
  • It has a pungent taste.

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Joint vs. Blunts: Which One is Better?

Each method of smoking has some pros and cons. Choosing one depends on the taste and preference of an individual. Try out the detailed guide on how to roll a joint like a pro. 


Joints are popular among cannabis enthusiasts. 

Pros of Consuming Cannabis Joints

  • Pocket-sized and convenient
  • Easy to lit
  • Great for solo or group sessions
  • Can be extinguished and used later

Cons of Consuming Cannabis Joints

  • Require skill to roll a perfect joint
  • Unrefined and harsh


Blunts are popular among newbies and experienced smokers as well. Some cannabis enthusiasts prefer only blunts, while others enjoy them during special moments.


Pros of Consuming Blunts

  • Compact
  • Convenient to lit-up
  • Can be enjoyed in a group
  • Makes you feel light-headed and high
  • Available in different flavors

Cons of Consuming Blunts

  • Over consumption of weed is injurious to health
  • Some smokers may not like flavored blunts
  • Need specific skills to roll a blunt

Joint Vs Blunt: Which One Better?

For individuals looking for quick burns with a moderate amount of cannabis, joints would be the right option. They are easier to roll and do not require specific skills in rolling a joint. Joints can be harsh on your throat and lungs as they are made with ultra-thin papers.

If you enjoy a slower burn with flavor puffs, you must try blunt. Blunts are rolled with thick papers giving you a pleasing aroma and zest. Burnt can be enjoyed for as long as it burns gently. However, more weed is required to fill blunt, causing adverse effects on health, especially lungs.

Eventually, every individual has different tastes and opinions. It is vital to check out the pros and cons before choosing the one that suits your needs. If you are health conscious, you can look for other alternatives such as edibles, vaporizers, or oils that you may try instead of weed.  

Final Words

The decision of choosing between joint vs. blunt is a journey through contrasting experiences. Joints filled with organic cannabis offer a clear panorama for flavor admirers. While blunts wrapped in thick and hard paper add a twist of pungent flavor with cannabis. Blunts have a strong flavor. Factors such as health, flavor, and potency might help you in choosing the right one.

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FAQs on Joint vs Blunt

  1. How are Blunts and Joints Different?

Blunts are wrapped in large rolling  paper stuffed with cannabis while joints are made with thin paper filled with less amount of cannabis.

  1. Do Joints Smoke Faster Than Blunts?

Joints burn for around 3 to 5 minutes. While blunt burns slowly for a longer period.

  1. Are Blunts More Addictive Than Joints?

Yes, blunts are more addictive than joints as they contain 1.5 times more weed than joints. 

  1. Are Joints Safer Than Blunts?

Joints are popular among weed consumers. Rolling papers used in making joints do not make you high and are considered safer than blunts.