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Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers

Usa made Organic Hemp Rolling Papers by Kashmir. We offer various sizes and styles when it comes to rolling papers. Kashmir 100% Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are chlorine-free and eco-friendly, using no harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Certified Organic papers offer the best of all worlds—a clean-tasting smoke, natural processing and less impact on the environment. Kashmir Unbleached Rolling Papers are the best alternative to bleached papers. The smoke is clean and free of any chemicals that might alter the taste and harm your body thus becoming an obvious choice for your next roll-up. Using only an oxygen and ozone process, Kashmir Totally Chlorine papers are free from chlorine chemicals used to treat so many papers on the market today. No chlorine means only natural, clean-tasting paper, without harming the environment!

Lastly, we also have specialty papers on the market. Kashmir Rice Rolling Papers are all-natural and feature a light-weight blend with hemp and flax for an even burn and an even more satisfying smooth smoke. Kashmir MedGrade Rolling Papers are an all-natural, medical-grade organic hemp paper formulated for the dispensary and medical cannabis market. Kashmir carries the following sizes of rolling paper: Jumbo, King XXL, King Slim, 1 1/2, 1 1/4 and Single Wide.

If you enjoy using our rolling papers, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the Kashmir Pre-Rolled Tubes. Every smoker has a different idea and preference on how they like to smoke. Our tubes are very user friendly, they are portable, and each tube comes with a “filler” to help fill your herb. We also have a unique filter that separates us from competitors. Did we mention that our papers products are made in the USA?! If you’re wondering why buy pre-rolled tubes, just click here!

If you enjoy using our rolling papers, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the.