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Kashmir accessories are a “must have” for smooth and trouble-free rolling. The Kashmir line includes artfully-crafted hand rollers for virtually every paper width, a stunning engraved metal rolling box, the Kashmir pre-rolled tube injector and a selection of inspired rolling trays, ashtrays and so much more! We’d also like to invite you to view some of our newest products and to stay up to date on any product additions we may have! If you’re looking to bundle up on several accessories, simply click the button below and start shopping! 

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    If you liked what you saw, we think you will love some of our awesome bundles options. We hand-picked items that are perfect for either beginners or long time smokers. We made sure to pair items that will go hand-in-hand with eachother to create a great experience for you everytime! If any of these awesome bundles look interesting to you, why not get them! Click the link here and shop away!